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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 9, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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morning of frigid weather -d we're not don freezing temperatures continue it to hold the bay area in their icy grip. it was another morning the frigid weather, and we're not done yet. >> kpix on the precautions after several deaths from exposure. >> reporter: michelle, the cold weather is causing some serious
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concerns here in santa clara county. one community leader told me today that we are on day 4 of a local state of emergency in light of the deaths due to freezing. it's going to be another night to bundle up tight. and these empty beds won't be empty for long. >> we're still not at what we can take if people want to come in. but right now, we're definitely over capacity at that facility. >> reporter: over the past two nights, two of the life shelters in santa clara county have been over capacity. nicholas says they haven't turned anyone away yet. >> there's over 700 people who are homeless on any given night. even if we had all the beds full, there's still a lot of people sleeping outside. so we really need more blankets. >> reporter: here we shot feet
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of black ice along the caldecott tunnel. >> i've mostly been layering. so i wear a long sleeved shirt under a sweater, under a coat, and i always make sure it to wear a scarf. as far as once you get used to it being cold, you just prepare a little better. >> reporter: in orinda, my colleague showed us just how quickly mother nature's chill could take the shirt of a your back. >> just how cold is it? here in orinda, the temperature is below freezing, and the wind is blowing 10 to 15 miles per hour, which means the windchill is down to somewhere in the 20s. this t-shirt, we poured a little water over it, and it froze in 16 minutes. >> reporter: this sunnyville location is one of the shelters that is going to be open 24 hours due to the cold weather. it's also one of the locations here that takes dogs like this
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guy. reporting live in sunnyville, kpix 5. >> well they need to stay warm too. when are we going to see warmer temperatures around here? >> hopefully, very soon. looking at the pinpoint forecast for the week ahead. i think a lot of people liked the cold weather first, now people are saying when is this going to come to an end. another cold night ahead. the cold, arctic air pulling into the bay area. high pressure is going to start building in. by the middle of the week, i think some of the cold air will ease. in the meantime, freeze warnings are up again for tonight. overnight lows back down into the 20s and 30s. the coldest 20s, likely to show up in some of the north bay valleys. it looks like the numbers. 23 in santa rosa. 24 in napa. 31 in san jose. no matter how you slice it, these are really chilly
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temperatures for the bay area. dramatic video of how severe the cold weather has been. these are sheets of ice falling from the buildings in texas. several residents captured the event on camera, including when that hit the ground where cars were parked. fortunately, no one was injured. also in texas, a slippery drive to work. this overpass in dallas became a sheet of ice. drivers gave up using the accelerator and steering wheel. some got out, and literally pushed their cars down the road. fire crews in illinois, jump into a frozen pond to save a frozen buck. the animal had gotten weak. workers were able to get a rope around his antlers, and pull him to safety. >> reporter: a winter storm is causing a mess along the east coast. heavy snow piled up in
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pennsylvania, slowing down drivers and sending cars off the road. more than 8 inches fell in the philadelphia area. causing headaches for motorists. >> the storms came out of nowhere. it it just hit us honestly. >> all of a sudden, bam, hit us. and then i'm slipping and sliding. >> reporter: the eagles and lions played sunday football in near whiteout conditions. firefighters say black ice caused two dozen cars to pile up just outside of new york city. at least 44 people were taken to the hospital. here in the washington, d.c. metro area, the storm has become mostly rain, but if it gets any colder, freezing rain could start falling, and that would make for more treacherous driving conditions. the storm is part of a system pummeling much of the nation. it canceled more than 2400 flights sunday, and is causing more delays and cancelations
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for monday morning travelers. new york, boston, and big cities farther north are preparing for bad weather that could disrupt the morning commute. the harsh weather is also causing shipping delays smack in the middle of the holiday shopping season. the dangerous driving conditions prompted wal-mart to send goods out to stores ahead of the storm. amazon and fedex are notifying customers that packages may arrive a day late. the deputy who shot a 13- year-old boy in san -- santa rosa is back at work today. gilhaus shot andy rosa after he mistook the boy's toy gun for a real one. the 21-year-old accused of shooting and killing a man over a playstation appeared in a san francisco courtroom this morning. family and friends were there
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for support. investigators say ronnie collins lured the victim to san francisco by offering to buy a video game consol from him. in the courtroom this morning, the defense accused the assistant d.a. of trying the case in the press. >> we don't try cases in the media. we try them in court, and if they ever make a motion in that regard, we'll litigate it in a courtroom and a judge will decide. >> collins preliminary hearing will continue in february. checking other bay area headlines. seats to be salvaged from candlestick park will go on sale today. the 49ers play their last game at the stick in two weeks. the fans can get the actual seats as keepsakes, they're being sold through ticketmaster for $749 a pair. games at the 49ers new stadium will be limited to sundays next year.
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this morning's chronicle, reports that monday and thursday night games will be a problem because of parking. nearby offices will give up lots on sundays, but not during the workweek. meantime, a news conference tomorrow is expected to announce the stadium will host the wrestlemania event in 2015. the san jose city council tomorrow will reconsider plans for tighter recommendations on medical marijuana facilities. the goal is it to limit the areas in which they can operate. this just in, san diego's former mayor has received his sentence on sexual harassment charges. before the judge's announcement, bob filner apologized. >> i'm confident i will come out of this a better person, and i look forward to making further contributions to the city i love. >> he was sentenced to 3 months of home confinement, and 3 years of probation. he is also barred from seeking
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office during his probation. he pleaded guilty to one felony and two misdemeanors in connection with kissing and groping women against their will. an airline passenger wakes up to quite a shock. what happened while the traveler was sleeping. >> and the world prepares to say goodbye to nelson mandela. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the crew had locked up and ! tom wagner was flying from united airlines has some explaining to do after a passenger was found sleeping on the plane after the plane landed and left. he fell asleep on board, and was just left there. when he woke up, the plane was dark, and he thought he was
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dreaming. he soon found out it it was real when workers came onboard. >> i said don't put the blame on me, i said i didn't do nothing wrong here. they said then try to be hush hush and keep it quiet. >> the airline is trying to figure out how no one noticed wagner during the post flight walk through. the american airlines u.s. airways merger is complete. the new american airlines chairman celebrated by remotely ringing the opening bell for the nasdaq exchange. the owner leads four airlines controlling 80% of the u.s. travel market. the dow is up about 20 points. right now, president obama is en route to south africa, he will speak at tomorrow's memorial service for nelson
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mandela. joining him is former president george w. bush, bill clinton and jimmy carter will also attend. these are live pictures from johannesburg. thousands of people have left remembrances. alfonzo van marsh is in suetto, where close to a thousand people are expected at tomorrow's remembrance services. >> reporter: gathering in south africa, remembering the man who helped reshape their nation. the first official tribute to nelson mandela happened on tuesday. president and michelle obama boarded air force one this morning on the way to attend the service. former presidents bush, clinton, and carter will be there as well, under tight security. outside mandela's former home, crowds are pouring out their love. massive billboards are filling up with messages of gratitude
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for mandela, like this one in france. down here, emma says thank you for all you've done to change south africa and the rest of the world. american photographer, darrell todd wanted to capture the mood here. >> their smiling, they're dancing together, they're singing. honestly, i've only seen that in concerts at home. i've never seen it in the streets. >> reporter: likely nearly 100 reds of royalty will capture the attention. today, tourists and townships alike are having their say. johannesburg, south africa. many other memorial services will be held across south africa, so that all citizens have an opportunity to pay their respects. mandela will be buried after a state funeral next saturday. time magazine has announced ten finalists for person of the
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year. and some of the names will surprise you. the list of names includes president obama and pope francis. but also, bashar al-assad, and miley cyrus. it's been cold day after day now, but i think we're going to finally begin to see changes the next couple of days, but out the door we go. working on another cold afternoon outside in some spots. that offshore wind continuing to blow. it's that very cold, dry, arctic air that's allowing these temperatures to plunge overnight. in the 20s and 30s. out the door right now. 49 in oakland.
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46degrees in livermore, but still only 43 in santa rosa. so a chilly afternoon on tap for some parts of the bay area. you'll see sunshine. i think tonight again, freezing temperatures. a share the air, that means they won't let you light any fire. pretty chilly outside. it looks like warm weather finally as we head in towards the middle of the week. for now, we've got all of that cold arctic air that continues to flow back into the bay area. high pressure is starting to build. that means the temperatures are going to start to moderate, especially as we head into wednesday. 45degrees in sacramento. 47 in fresno. fresh powder in the high country should be beautiful. the roads are nice and clear. 38 in yosemite. 52degrees in monterey bay. temperatures around the bay today, looking to be in the 40s and low 50s. so you'll want it to grab a jacket if you're headed outdoors today. tonight, down to 24 in napa
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valley. 23 in santa rosa. 25 in livermore. over the next couple of days, we will see a ridge of high pressure building in, that could bring 60s back into the bay area. haven't been able to say that for a week. a few clouds coming our way on thursday and friday. warmer temperatures, and dry weather on the way for the weekend. sunrise tomorrow, one that's going to be very, very cold. 7:14. i think just the last real cold night. after this, it will still be chilly, but not quite as cold. >> you said it, we have evidence. taking extraordinary steps it to protect students. the vaccination program beginning today, and why one college needed special permission to administer it. >> kpix 5 is look forgot a veterinarian to appear on tv. to nominate a vet you know, email ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to thoseworried...ited... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health.
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welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at university. the university has reported eight cases of "meningitis- since march. a previously unapproved vaccine is now available for the first time at princeton university. the university has reported eight cases of meningitis b since march. this prompted the ncaa to give princeton special approval. we have a special guest in the studio with a special gift it to food for bay area families. lawrence is standing by for today's big check presentation. >> that's right guys, we're
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joined by former san francisco 49er, eric wright. eric, you put together this fantastic program. what's the name of the event and why did you decide to do it? >> typically, it's held during the super bowl week, when the super bowl comes, so we're gearing up for the 50th super bowl, when the niners have it. and we did it it in 90 days, and 50,000 goes to the contra costa food bank. >> that is incredible. $50,000. so you must have motivated people to help out. >> i did a little. put a little al davis on. so we got everybody working together. >> you brought in some our guys from the former 49ers? >> i helped run the alumni for the 49ers, so it's just an athletic director, i wish. alumni director.
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so all the alumni guys, ronnie, keno, jesse, got all of those guys to show up to assist. >> there's $50,000. way to go eric. way to go guys. that means a ton to you larry. >> that means 100,000 peoples are going out to people in need. it was a phenomenal day. >> that's got to make you feel good. >> the key to it is, people, as you know right now, cold weathered people need blankets. the big deal is going to come when the niners host the super bowl where it's like, 3500 people attend this event. with all the talk of chefs and local restaurants in the bay area. >> go to, and you can also make a donation. >> great one, thank you. in today's fresh grocer, tony dantillo is looking for
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something special to dress up that turkey. >> shitake mushrooms about 20 to $40 a pound. they were so expensive. but now they're available just about anywhere you find produce. they're very powerful, you don't need a lot when you cook with it. especially risotto. 12 years, talk about selection. when you buy the light brown color all the way around, the middle, nice and light. other mushrooms this part is dark. the membrane part. store them in the refrigerator right away. store them and buy them in a brown paper bag, a plastic bag suffocates them much faster. always remember to stay fresh and eat healthy. a pack of santas make a mad dash in their skinnies. what all the fun was about in the bitter cold. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the heated battle over a plo drive more tourists to one the bay area's most popular national parks. that story and more a coming up at 5:00, pave paradise, and put up a parking lot. the heated drive to bring tourists to one of the bay
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area's populated parks. despite the frigid temperatures in denver it, these runners stripped down to they're speedos and bikinis. they ran a mile to raise money for a local animal rescue charity. >> they're doing this in what temperatures are we talking? >> it doesn't matter anymore. >> i can't even think straight. >> that's going to do it for kpix 5 news at noon. have a good day, everyone. >> bye bye.
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>> liam: this is it, hope. i love you. i'm committed to you, and i want to make that commitment official before anything else can slow us down or stand in our way. wyatt and his games, quinn and her obsession -- i am -- [ chuckles ] i am so done with all of it. my oy focuis you. >> hope: liam... liam, you're giving me an ultimatum here. you're telling me to sever all ties with wyatt and his mom and marry you or... >> liam: or... don't. >> ricardo: i told you that the diamond had the power to change lives. >> wyatt: is there any chance we could keep it for just one more night? >> ricardo: i'm afraid not.


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